This Drink will Boost your Immune System to fight from Viruses | Healthy Drinks | Covid 19 | Omicron

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Drink this powerful decoction or kadha to relieve sore throat instantly and boost your immunity to stay healthy during this phase of the coronavirus wave. Stay Safe!

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Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for a qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information.

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  1. Hope you find this video helpful. Many of us are looking for safe and instantly effective treatments for covid symptoms. Please share this excellent herbal drink recipe for sore throat so that many can benefit from it. Let us together make the world a better place to live in.

  2. It helped me in the midnight … Was unable to sleep but now feeling little relieved from cough.. tqq

  3. Thank you so much for this! Absolutely effective! Just tried it, experienced immediate relief! Tastes wonderful as well! Looking forward to making another glass in the morning.

  4. I've seen the great importance of natural herbs and the wonderful work they have done in people's lives. I read people's testimonies online on how they were cured of Herpes, HIV, Diabetics, HPV etc. by Dr.Ayomede herbal medication..

  5. Eliminate your herpes virus today through herbs from dr okosun on YouTube, for he permanently cured I and my wife from five years old herpes, thanks dr okosun ❤️

  6. Mam no doubt this kadha is good. But your presentation was excellent. I felt as if my was telling me this.

  7. Please don’t propagate face diapers!!!! Yes, protect yourselves by strong immune system , not stupid masks !!!!!! Dislike 👎🏼

  8. Does it increases body heat… I avoid any ayurvedic remedies due to body heat issue…
    Also please make one video on Body heat issue..reasons and remedies

  9. Very promising concoction. She didn't connect the amazing synergistic multiplying effect black pepper has on Turmeric reportedly discovered by an Indian lady scientist in USA years ago. I prefer half teaspoon of Turmeric. Not hot/spicy as she inferred. V.G. anti-inflammatory for BPH. Could pepper also do similar to Ginger, being not that far away in the botanical family??

  10. I must appreciate Dr odija on YouTube for helping me in getting rid of Norovirus, Your product for healing stomach bug is really the best keep saving lives***I must appreciate Dr odija on YouTube for helping me in getting rid of Norovirus, Your product for healing stomach bug is really the best keep saving lives***

  11. Thanks for the home remedy . For chai masala did you mean black tea leaves which we make chai or chai masala herbs . Am confused explain in details. 🙏

  12. Thanks Madam for your concern and for your golden tips with regards to our health. God bless you🙏

  13. Namaskar . I am very diabetic and a heart patient . Can I have this drink without gud? Can the drink be reheated? Thank you.

  14. Very good drink you have suggested n explained dear Madam. Thanks for posting your simple home medicines advice n information. Exercises n pranayams . We will definitely follow your tips. Thanks madamji once again with regards.

  15. Mam,I'm your subscriber from Srilanka .When I come to India will I be able to see you and also in which part of India are you ?

  16. Madame can you elaborate the term Chai Masala mentioned here ? Is it tea leaves or something more?

  17. I seek one clarification. That is use of jaggery in the kaada. Can a diabetic person can use this ingredient in the drink, may be tasteful to children but diabetic persons are not allowed sweet things may be jaggery and other sweeteners. Pl suggest.

  18. Can you take this kadha during typhoid?Since it has ingredients which can have be heating the stomach/intestines?

  19. Suffering from sore throat for the past three days and coincidentally found this video. God's will! Thank you, sister🙏

  20. Before watching this video i was taking same kadha with same ingredients… In this kadha u can also add clove nd tulsi leaves….

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