Thousands of Nurses at Stanford Health Care, Packard Children's Hospital on Strike

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About 5,000 nurses at Stanford Health Care and Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital at Stanford were on the picket lines Monday morning, after the Committee for Recognition of Nursing Achievement (CRONA) announced a strike Sunday evening. Cierra Johnson reports.

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  1. who cares? nurses get paid 70k and they dont actually do any work! when you think of the nurse that helps you 9 times outta 10 is a CMA making 20k a year

  2. Nurses play dirty, nurses sexually assaulting female patients, stealing valuables (jewelry, money, “borrowing” cars) from discharged patients. These nurses want it all, blackmail, extortion, threats of litigation against patients, making copies of house keys because they want to “keep in contact”, their paycheck is not enough for them

  3. Love how the hospital statement tries to gaslight us. “Disappointed and disruption to our patients”….you think we want to waste our time doing this?

  4. It is wearing us out🤬it is killing us and we are tired of doing our work and the CNA's work too and having to stay over time all the time and I'm tired of it

  5. Wonder how much the CEO of this hospital makes?? Yet the NURSES and other Healthcare staff do all of the work!! That nurse spokentbe the truth when she said #"not sustainable "….its true for hospitals and ESPECIALLY Long-term care facilities.

  6. If these nurses are successful in their strike, the cost of an emergency room Tylenol will go from $12 a pill to $14

  7. These nurses are working 3 days a week and many of them make more than doctors. An RN Stanford makes 75 bucks an hour and they get a ton of overtime

  8. Unsurprised, as always it's just a very greedy and profit over patient health system. The hospital is saying the nurses are 'among the highest paid nurses in the nation'. This is a wrong comparison, and misleading. When adjusted to the cost of living in the area and to the staff equity pay, the nurses are definitely underpaid and overworked. The Executives care more on the image politics and their pay, than quality of their staff and care. Fun fact, the hospital got the top dollar funds from fed during pandemic yet it cut the staff's salaries while sitting on billions of cash reserves. More power to the courageous nurses.

  9. Nurses are the most self righteous people on the planet. Your community college degree doesn’t make you just as important in a hospital as a doctor. You are the expendable hired help and salaries are actually quite high for the work they do.

  10. What a greedy bunch. Must be nice to be unionize. 80% of the rest of the workers in the US don't have the benefit of throwing a hissy fit when they're not making a gross stupid amount of money.

  11. Most of our full time nurses are long gone. We only have travel nurses and new grads now.
    The charge nurse of the ICU is also a new grad. I feel bad for the critical patients.

  12. Everything will go back to the consumer's pocket. Im willingly to pay more for the hospital fees so the nurses can get pay more.

  13. Same thing in Universities administration gives themselves bonuses and raises while the actual workers/teacher get nothing. Well guess the administrators can teach or care then

  14. Power to these nurses, I am praying for all nurses safety and for them to be treated properly. They are seriously the most exploited workers in our nation. I STAND WITH THEM!!

  15. how about you all go back on tik tok and dance around like idiots! we will never forget how you tyrants lied with the doctors and put that poison into unsuspecting dumb people. no support from me or my family! go dance to that,

  16. Most people that work there commute because I can't afford to live in that area at the people that live in there have the best medical in the world which has his subsidize just like we do a fire text up here those houses are making $80,000 a year and Equity well maybe they need to pay to keep the best medical to make sure there else is making $80,000 a year tax the rich house owners in the area to pay these people their money they need to work in that area

  17. I support the nurses. They are very important to the health and recovery of a patient. They need to be respected and treated fairly. I pray that the administration and CEOs will have a heart and care about those who are helping the public and the welfare of the hospital. When you begin to only think about money and not the humanity side of things…it is then we see what is going on today. This is not of God!

  18. Don’t forget radiology, pathology and respiratory therapist! We’re getting our asses kicked too supporting the nurses!

  19. IN addition to demanding for the benefits, they should demand that the top guy take a 50% salary reduction and the other million dollar execs take pay reduction as well. THe top guy makes 5 Million dollars a year.

  20. And yet just a few months ago they were cool with firing their "unvaxxed" colleagues?

    What, did you think your job would be EASIER with fewer fellow workers?

    Lol, no sympathy

  21. it is not avout the paid it is the patient to nurse ratio is just too high short staff as a cna we can only do so much because of the training we get. Nurses n cna ate the closest to the patient if we get burn out or constantly in fatigue state we will make nistake n if we make mistakes it is fatal.

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