Top 10 Healthiest Vegetables You Must Eat

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Wondering what the top 10 vegetable foods are that you can eat on a low carb keto diet? Here are the Top 10 Healthiest Vegetables You Must Eat!

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  1. I noticed that several of the veggies you recommend are on Dr Gundry's list of hi in lectins foods….does that mean you are not on board with his thoughts on the subject?

  2. I am allergic to sulfa based drugs and am intolerant of sulfa containing foods. Garlic and onions give my gut fits. Could this be a sign of SIBO?

  3. What do you think about the Doctor on YouTube that says to avoid vegetables? He says vegetables are bullshit because they contain defence chemicals and swears by only eating meat, organs, and fruit.

  4. As far as I have researched, cabbage and brussels sprouts as well as kale should not be eaten raw and should be avoided or eaten sparingly by people who are hyper or hypothyroid.

  5. Dr. Sten thank you for your video . Can you tell me if Egg Plant and Bell Peppers are good for people suffering from Arthritis does it cause inflammation .Thank you God Bless.

  6. If you're eating healthy to begin with, worrying about carbs in onions is laughable … unless it's due to diabetes.

  7. I use Garlic raw and chew it three times a day plus oregano oil and D mannose for UTI even troublesome one. Gone! in a week. I do this for two weeks.
    Also, took mass garlic and blueberries along with Amazing greens when I had a certain pain. After surgery Dr. said it was stage 2 aggressive cancer. He got it all out never took root was floating on the skin. Dr. said what ever I was doing saved my life. That was around 20 years ago. I truly feel/ know it was God prompting me. He used His creation to heal me. Always has always does.

  8. Dammit. This is the worst video to watch after brushing one’s teeth! On a side note Dr. Sten, did you know Avocado does nice in smoothies too?
    Thanks Doc!

  9. Dr my nutritionist told me that I can't eat tomatoes because is bad for inflammation between the joints. Can you help me with the answer.

  10. thank u very very and veryyyy much.your vlogs are the best of aaaaalll.ur style.ur language..ur accent is v very easy to understand.GOD bless u sir…u r great & I learnt a lot from u..once again thank u sir…iiii

  11. Thank you very much for another enriching and methodical video.
    Garlic gives me a stomach ache every time I try to eat a little bit of it. (Worst when fresh, but also when roasted or cooked)

    (It is interesting that the Hindus forbid eating garlic and onions, I do not know of a medical explanation for this prohibition.)

    I also have a problem with the nightshades fruits (tomatoes, peppers and eggplants). In retrospect, it turned out to me that they were responsible for leaky gut, as soon as I stopped eating nightshades, most of the symptoms disappeared. So I suggest being careful with the recommendation to eat nightshades.

  12. Thank you Dr Sten. You are definitely a cut above Dr Eric Berg and that other idiot Gundry.
    For me the lowdown is that no matter what you eat, it's always a good idea for your diet to include mostly vegetables.

  13. It is amazing how you take your time to explain everything thank you and I will be reacting to this your video it is packed with useful information

  14. Ive had cabbage all week. I see my do tor eat it everyday for years! I clean it with vinegar and season it well.. olive oil.. and smoked turkey…. and let it steam and drain rhe water.. and use it for soups later.

  15. Dear Dr. Ekberg
    YOU are my HERO!!!
    My biggest wish is that I have the utmost pleasure of meeting you some day!
    THANK YOU from the bottom of my Heart for the amazing person you are!!!

  16. What about Azetidine-2-carboxylic acid in those kinds of veggies? As it can dangerously mimic protein building block that are later attacked by the immune system making you having inflammations and autoimmune conditions?
    Would be great to hear on those.

  17. Just one query, is it ok if a diabetic person eat bell peppers or sweet bell peppers? I am bit confused as I came across few articles that says, bell peppers have lots of glucose content which spikes sugar level or insulin.
    Can you please clarify as I always find your videos very informative, elaborate, useful as well as motivates to inculcate good food habits. Thanks you so much

  18. A few years ago….I remember reading that green & sweet peppers were one of the worst dirty dozen….Does this change over time?

  19. You are absolutely amazing Dr. Im so proud to have the chance to see your absolutely essentials video's ! We are so lucky to have you… Please continue to help us improve our life and make it better ! You are a inspiration.

  20. Thanks Doc watching from the Philippines 🇵🇭. Am 70 years old still interested to know more about food good for health. God bless

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