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Have you ever wanted to know the Top 100+ foods that are healthy and safe to eat even if you are on a low carb / keto diet? Here are hundreds of foods you can enjoy eating. Everyday there is a new study that says you can eat a certain food and it is good for you then the next day it says it is bad. Never be confused by what is healthy food or not.

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🔷 Top 10 Foods You Should Never Eat or Must Eat Series:

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  2. I feel robbed of my health due to falling for the vegan lie as a young adult. My husband and I went strict vegan for 10 years and had 2 kids and then lost a few due to hormonal distinction due to vegan diet. It's toxic because it lacks vital animal products. God made animals for us to love and eat. Then I went Paleo and naturally cured hormal issues and we had another healthy baby boy. Then standard diet crept in as life became busy and then got diabetes. Now after several years of roller coaster doctors prescribing drugs for diabetes causing bad reactions. I decided if body can't metabolize sugar and carbs then cut it out. No more Gluten free just cut all grains out. All sweetener so taste buds adjust and change to savory not sweet. Eat little to no fruit except berries in season sometimes. Diet is based on meat, fish and animal products. Now cutting all veggies out and fruit and nuts and seeds. Just going to have eggs, dairy but not milk and pasture raised animals. No carbs and sugars means no fluctuations and to remain stable is best for body, mind and digestion. Now body naturally letting go of fat and inflammation is reducing. It's not easy to stock too because of demands from family and society. But each time I eat something else I and reminded why it's not best. Mikaela Peterson has an interesting personal story to share so look her up too. It's amazing to now find many positive testimonies of people sharing their dietary changes yo carnivore diet and finding better health. Look them up and experiment and know they self.

  3. Not a SINGLE salad dressing exists on the store shelf without Xanthan gum in it. How about a show on this and other additives. (I have been making my own for years now.)

  4. ha… every time I hear about how bad fat is, I have to wonder how the Inuit people ever survived living on nothing but meat and BLUBBER. Not like they have access to broccoli. lol. They did fine for thousands of years.

  5. South American have been drinking an enormous amount of Coca-Cola in recent years. You can REALLY see how fat people are getting outside the United States eating industrialized food.

  6. It seems expert advice is always telling people to eat the most expensive foods out of reach; like the experts themselves can afford. But you don't have to listen to it because it will disarm your willpower or better enthusiasm to continue trying to lose weight on keto. Because when you see you that maybe you cannot afford to keep up with the 15 dollar meat dishes everyday you will stop and just go back to your old eating ways and fail. However, If you can afford grass fed meats, then by all means take his advice. But if not, pay no attention to his recommendations on that issue. Instead of all this medical drawn-out jargon, just look up a guy name Butter Bob right here on YouTube. He simplifies everything and has lost over 150 lbs himself eating the available foods right at local food markets. No grass fed or anything like that. Just the basic available foods and he still got healthier and lost the weight. So have many of his followers too. By not listening to the purists advice, it will do you more good than falling backwards out of the frustration of not being able to keep up with the organic and grass fed elite crowd's advice. And you can still reach your goal anyway. I did it myself and it works. But I can't tell you how many times I stopped trying when I could not keep up with the grass fed requirements of the purists. They are only talking to a few select people which is fine. But that may not be you nor should it hold you back till you can one day in the future afford to eat grass fed. But in the meantime if that's you… pay no attention to the experts and the purists who are not really talking to you in the 1st place.

  7. I have been having digestive and gallbladder problems for a long time and when I ate what at the time was a normal meal (meat, veggie and some side like wild rice or potato or a pasta dish I would get nausea and upset stomach. Then I realized I am not handling starches well, especially flour and anything sweet. I used to have honey in my coffee . Now I drink it black with a little cinnamon in it. I eat less carbs and more veggies and good meat I can afford. Today in the morning I had chicken shredded coarsely and browned in a skillet with serrano pepper, I wrapped it in a lettuce leaves with some Mexican white cheese, it was so good. 6 hours later for my second meal I had a bowl of borshcht I made, chunks of grass fed beef , red cabbage, sauerkraut, carrot, beets, garlic and dill. No indigestion, no nausea, I feel so much better, fasting for the rest of the day. I have a question, it it OK during fasting to take few grams of EVOO or butter? I need some fat to keep my bile flowing so it wouldn't form gallstones which I got during a prolonged fast and didn't think of having some fat to prevent them from forming.

  8. Where do you find these healthy deli meats? Do you know of a producer of delis with no sugar or chemicals, nitrate, nitrites. We are not privy to reading the ingredients at the deli counter.

  9. Cashews are beans and you don't need but a few Brazil nuts because they are packed with selenium. That could cause an issue.

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