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If you’re trying to conceive, you are likely doing everything you can to boost your chance of conception – from diet changes, exercise, stress reduction and more. Today, Fertility Specialist with Melbourne IVF, Dr Raelia Lew, reveals her top 5 lifestyle tips which can go a long way in helping you get pregnant quickly.

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  1. Hello Dr. please I last get my period on 6th of last month and dis month I get it on 5th how can I calculate my menstrual circle and when is my ovulation day please

  2. Hell DR : I’m a 26 year old male
    Weigh around 412 pounds and yes I’m Obese.
    I did a sperm analaysis with the daddi at home kit and the results came back

    Sperm found was 50 million
    Sperm concentration was : 166.5
    My motility was 20.9%
    My volume was 0.3
    And my motile count was 10.4
    Now does me being obese affect my numbers

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