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This Harvard Medical School Continuing Education video examines these key questions: How does the World Health Organization (WHO) classify pulmonary hypertension risk categories? What is the role of vasoreactivity testing in determining treatment for pulmonary hypertension? What is the function of tertiary centers for evaluating pulmonary hypertension?

Dr. Jenna McNeill, MD, faculty at Massachusetts General Hospital, discusses how understanding pulmonary hypertension etiologies, as defined by the World Health Organization, aids in determining risk stratification and what role vasoreactivity testing plays in recommending appropriate therapies. Approved medications for treating pulmonary arterial hypertension are reviewed as well as appropriate therapies for addressing pulmonary hypertension caused by left heart disease, lung disease, or chronic thromboembolic disease.

00:00 | Introduction
00:26 | World Health Organization functional classifications
00:37 | Recommendations for Group 1
05:06 | Recommendations for Group 2
06:00 | Recommendations for Group 3
07:03 | Recommendations for Group 4

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