Trevor Makes His First Therapy Appointment: Solo Episode

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Trevor is solo once again and getting ready for his first therapy appointment! TW: mentions of mental health, depression, and suicide. Trevor talks through his nerves on getting ready to start therapy, and reflects on his mental health journey. Plus, he reads some of your tweets you shared about your own emotional journeys! It’s okay to not be okay, and while opening up can be scary, it can help.

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  1. Talk with your doc about adjusting your zoloft dosage. It’s pretty normal to need to adjust it over time.

  2. I think this was so insightful. I've never been diagnosed, but, I'm also worried about being diagnosed because, I feel like there's still a lot of people who don't recognize that you have a deeply rooted problem beyond one's control, that think Psychology is a "pseudoscience" (We all know those kind of people and have someone like that in our family…) And, also, about therapy, I have my own problems to deal with, and then having to take on other people's issues can be mentally and emotionally exhausting. Some people, I had to push away because it was just too much. I'm in a better place today in my Life. People do change and some don't but, you should never lose hope in the prospect of making personal change to improve your own Life for both yourself and others.

  3. Thank you Trevor. I still struggle with talking about my mental health because I have lost friends and family members who just didn't want to deal with it on any level.

  4. /mom mode engaged – Talking about this like you did publicly is a great step forward. I am SO glad to hear you are going to therapy. Good luck and I am proud of you for taking the steps you are taking. hug

    "Every little step is a win." SO TRUE!

  5. dude thankyou! please… thankyou! we need people to talk! thankyou! i wish i had your strength and im so old. it feels age gets in the way. truely it sucks.

  6. Do respect the professionals off the clock if you have therapist friends and family, though, please ❤️ they’re happy to listen, but they also have levels of emotional energy like everyone else, and it’s still important to get your own professional care if you need it

  7. Trevor, you said some things that I really related to, and I am further down the therapy journey, so I hope you can read my experiences. I was also worried "What if I am so ill that there's nothing that can be done for me?" but at the same time thinking "Maybe I've made it all up in my head and noone will believe me." Well, I have found that neither of those things being the case. The thing is, whatever mental illness you've got, you've had it for the last 6 years. It's not going to get worse once you find out a name for it. It'll just give you better tools to equip yourself with. In terms of feeling like you've made it all up, that is a coping technique. The thought is your brain's way of finding comfort in a situation which makes you feel out of control. It helps you keep pushing the feelings down and ignoring them for longer. I really hope that you can find a way to say all of the things that you think about when you're lying in bed at night. I know what it is like to have inner thoughts and feelings which feel like if you told other people, they would judge you so badly. The thing is, a therapist will never judge you (and if they do, you need a new therapist). Every thought that you've had, every experience you've had, it is shared with someone else on this earth. There is nothing you can say or do that makes you a bad person. Once you've let the thoughts out, you'll realise this and they will slowly over time lose their power over you. I wish you all the best in your therapy journey. It is a journey and unfortunately there's no quick fix, but you can find appropriate medications to help you get through it, and everything is going to be okay. Well done for opening up about it, especially in such a public way must have been hard. You're not alone. Please look up CPTSD as you described some of the symptoms of freezing, feeling like two sides of your brain are fighting each other, having memory loss. It may or may not apply to you, but it's worth researching. All the best

  8. Thanks Trevor, the more people with platforms are open about these things, the less stigma will exist for the rest of us. Good on ya.

  9. I'm proud of you man, just remember if you don't like your therapist or your therapist doesn't work for you don't be scared to find a different one, I feel like a lot of people are scared to fire a therapist

  10. If everyone would admit that we're all just assholes, and have been for thousands of years, the world would be a better place.

  11. It's nice to hear you're taking steps to mend your mental health, it's never too late to get help. I've struggled with depression since middle school and I'm currently 19, and I finally not the courage to finally go to therapy 2ish months ago. I was diagnosed with MDD and general anxiety right off the bat. So I'm now looking into medications so I can finally live a life. Talking about mental health Is so important, I hope all goes well with your appointment. And if it's shitty, then time to get a new therapist til you find that one that works for you! It'll all take some time ❤

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