Trevor Project: 45% of LGBTQ youth considered suicide in 2021

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According to a new survey from The Trevor Project, 45% of LGBTQ youth said they considered suicide in the last year, and the rate has increased for a third consecutive year. Amit Paley, the CEO and executive director of The Trevor Project, joins CBS News to discuss the findings.

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  1. OK. I worked at this organization due to having previous work experience with LGBTQ youth. About 10 to 15 ended their own lives. When I got a job at Trevor, I was stoked! It wasn't working with clients. I could continue my passion for supporting queer youth without directly being hurt. The PTSD caused by knowing so many queer youth who killed themselves caused performance issues. I reached out to Trevor for support. They fired me after literally two, 10 minute conversations.

    This is an incredibly fake, dishonest organization. And now, I hate myself for being gay. I hate myself for being rejected. I went to my own community for support and they discarded me. I bought some fentanyl from a homeless woman last month. I would rather die than be gay. This has nothing to do with straight people, heteronormativity, or the oppression of queer people. I am on a path to die caused by Trevor.

  2. I like free speech, just know that what you say does have consequences and you will suffer greatly from the them in the future.

    That one Pansexual on the internet curses you

  3. haha let it rip and even lgbt prey on black gays the more shocking part is how they go into schools and convert kids who have preoccupied parents lgbt supporters love breezing over that topic but human beings learn from mimicry its been that way forever

  4. Yโ€™all do know the Trevor project is causing more deaths they are taking advantage of companyโ€™s that provide them with money more kids are dying cause of this they are trolling the hotlines they should neutralize this project

  5. Maybe that's exactly why we shouldn't push sexual things on kids at all. Its gonna mess the poor guys up. I say leave that for the parents or maybe just teach that in highschool

  6. Me again…. i am curious as to how many teens in general have considered suicide? Is the percentage of those NOT part of the LGBTQ community also high? Should this country have separate outreach programs for multiple communities? Maybe a 1-800 number with prompts for specific groups.

    For TRANS press 1
    For POC press 2
    For PLUS SIZE press 3
    For LEFT HANDED press 4

  7. What if someone does not identify as part of the 45%. Can we get a breakdown of the percentage of each letter? I would like to know how many people who identify as the 'G' are suicidal.

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