VA Proposed Updates to Sleep Apnea, Mental Health, Tinnitus VA Ratings

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VA has announced proposed changes to the VA Schedule for Rating Disabilities (VASRD) specifically pertaining to VA claims for sleep apnea, tinnitus, and mental health. VA says this change will make VA ratings for these conditions more aligned with current science. Tune in to learn what these changes are, how they will impact disabled veterans filing VA claims, and the impact on those who already have VA ratings for these conditions.

Read VA’s Press Release Here:

VA Ratings for Sleep Apnea:

VA Ratings for Mental Health Disorders:

VA Ratings for Tinnitus:

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0:00 Introduction and Overview of Proposed VASRD Changes
1:40 What is the VA Schedule for Rating Disabilities (VASRD)?
3:10 Sleep Apnea VA Rating Changes
5:19 Tinnitus VA Rating Changes
6:54 VA Mental Health Rating Changes (PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, Adjustment Disorder, etc.)
9:00 How Are These Changes Going to Impact Disabled Veterans’ VA Disability Compensation?
10:53 When Will These VA Rating Changes Be Implemented?

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  1. I have never seen a generous and helping being like Doctor Madida who handles to me the cure to Tinnitus condition and this 🌿🌿🌿medicine perfectly healed me of my Tinnitus.

  2. Any news on when these changes will be implemented? I am retiring next year and after the initial announcement last Feb there have been zero updates on when this will start. Huge impact on current active duty members getting out, because it will likely drop me below the 50% threshold which means as a retired vet I won’t get anything at all.

  3. Amazing how the most common issues with veteran’s is the one's that the VA would chose to limit. The VA doesn't care one bit about veterans. All about the money. They will pay for someone to change there gender, but not help or assist a veteran who really needs it. One more reason we have the lowest enlistment numbers since the 70's.

  4. Well good luck to snyone who applies for VA benefits. I wishihad never even started this crapshow 2 years ago. It has been absolutely disgusting how it is run. Absolute no help from the sponsor.. Just another shitshow.

  5. Get rid of and prosecute the enemies in Washington DC , eliminate their war mongering to kill more people and our service people, cut all of their pensions which are horrifically high, and donate this money to the VA for all of their care. Thank you three as I could tell you were uncomfortable with this presentation to cut Future VA ratings. As a Marine combat vet, they would have to hunt me down to fight for this Country again, especially, because of what it has become. No law, no Justice, ungodly killers.

  6. I ate some chili and boiled eggs before I went to my C & P exam. Lord, I farted so loud I scared myself. After they had to evacuate the room, they gave me %100.

  7. Can somebody or anybody please tell me. Why the CCK is not willing to talk about.The VA issues or bad C-PaP Machine that has cause . Cancer to my VA Friends. And now we are getting a lawyer to help us with this problem. Before, that the VA denied my friends of Sleep Apnea. So, please have someone to help me and my VA friends. Thank you.

  8. The government will find a way to screw you. It's not the people who work at your local VA hospital. They have nothing to do with your ratings. The VBA makes these decisions.

  9. My name is Whitey Collins and I was on a Aircraft Carrier USS America CV-66 and my hearing was going down while I was on and aircraft with planes taking off and the landing was right over where my unit sleeps

  10. So I have tinnitus and my hearing is acting worse I am having trouble hearing sometime this has my hearing is like on and off and ringing in my ears are hurting me in and off

  11. I am 50% based on service connected issues. A few years ago, I was diagnosed with sleep apnea and the VA provided me with a CPAP machine. The also provide me with the supplies to keep my machine working properly. However, nothing was ever submitted by me or my servicing VA clinic. If I am reading this correctly, I should be at 100% if sleep apnea is now rated at 50%. m I correct in my thinking?

  12. On the subject of Tinnitus I have read and viewed different videos on the cause of Tinnitus and it's not the ear but in the brain receptors damage related to the hearing.
    There was one man who had his ear operated on because of the loud ringing and found nothing wrong with his ear!!! Need to find the cause and not a bandaid like drugs!!!
    I've this Tinnitus for years. Some days it's not so bad and there days the ringing is so loud … So been trying different supplements. They help a little.

  13. I turned down the cpap to unconfutable to wear at night. I can tune out the sound sometimes but 97% of the time its so loud and annoying!!! I tried working again…panic attacks where off the charts. Almost like vertical (needing support of a wall to walk) and add intense angry.

  14. The Va is well known for disapproving disability claims for reasons that defy logic. The VA should pay the Vets attorney fees whenever the Board rules in the Vets favor. It seems Vets have paid a high enough price as it is.

  15. I listened to the beginning of this. The fact that the government is giving an individual a code for what their disability is – IS ATROTIOUS! Everyone has to deal with their disabilities in a different way and a freaking code can't be assigned to that. If that's the way the government is treating individual veterans, then the government should start to rethink what they are doing to military personnel that served their country and paid the price.

  16. Auditory.. respiratory and mental health

    Are surprisingly the highest ratings..
    This is a way to defeat the veteran. And undermine the veteran and discourage the veteran.

    Don't give up.

  17. Where could I find updates on AQ72? Realistically, how long would it be for these changes to go into effect; if approved?

  18. on the mental health disorders. How will undetermined (due to covid delay) PTSD claims be handled? will it be under as the rules were when claim was filed or under the new rules when a rating is determined?

  19. i have chronic obstructive sleep apnea the one that can kill you were you stop breathing and can not get it service connected or rated. plus just in the 2 and 1/2 years that i worked in gainesville before i quit working i had 27 jobs documented each with dates times and reasons for leaving majority was fired for nor being able to con trol my anger /anxiety outbursts ordepressive issues and attendance with y current ratings for my tinnitus, left knee pain and ptsd i am at 80percent . ive triedfor 100percent due to the job issue which the va doesnt see as a problem. i was a mechanic but i worked at every delership in gainesville and have been fired now . i even tried for tdiu and cant not win it. i need help my attitudes towards people arent getting any better in fact they are getting worse. my therapist will contest to that . any advise here would be appreciated

  20. I've been separated for 20+ years, with 30% rating, but just recently diagnosed with apnea and tinnitus. Is this something I should try to add to my rating and get a reevaluation?

  21. I think many here would like to know when these changes might take effect. Could you please help to address this with updated timelines?

  22. Been trying for years to get chiropractic treatment for my back and neck. Fuckers only giving me 10% and have refused me emergency health care for my service connected injuries. Been so bad I can hardly get out of bed. Give them a call and they say they can see me in a month.

  23. I predict an uptick in suicide rates. We are cheaper dead, I guess, to this country. No one really cares…its evident.

    I wore earplugs religiously but was on Bagram for tree tours and literally lived right next to the runway- aircraft flew all hours…unless you wore ear plugs 24/7, you were exposed….changing hearing compensation is pure BS because it's almost impossible to be 100% safe in combat.
    Definitely agree with the CPAP. So easy to get this diagnosis in the past and half the ppl I know never use it…I use mine, and it still does not help my sleep.
    Mental health, seriously, VA is playing with fire here….100% disability won't feed a family, so ppl work and struggle working but have to because it's a necessity….we all just suck up the anxiety and job hop…I see more vets who struggle to get and keep a job. I see an uptick in suicide coming.

  24. They need to leave veterans alone we have sacrificed enough for this damn country now you want to roll back the little gains we do have. Sacrifice for this country but they try to find anyway to not take care of the veteran 😪😡

  25. So if I'm 80% and 100% Unemployable Permanent and total from my injuries during time and service, and I have sleep Apnea and tinnitus which they never rated me for, then why haven't I gotten a new rating yet? It seems to me that I should be a true 100% whatever that is or means. I am confused.

  26. I spent 20 years on tanks and the VA denied my claim because I don't have a loss of hearing for someone my age. (62)

  27. Thank you for this information! It empowers me specifically, and now I can help others with similar situations as well!

  28. What really burns me I recieved 10% disability for tinnitus and 0% for my hearing loss. Because I am a retired vet they take the 10% out of my pension to pay me the 10% for my disability. BS!

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