[Vietsub] Ep #25: How to start a healthy lifestyle and stick to it? | Ms Nhi Podcast | @NHI LE

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[Vietsub] Ep #25: How to start a healthy lifestyle and stick to it? | Ms Nhi Podcast | Guest: Kotthika Chia

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What’s the secret to never getting fat?
This week’s guest is Kotthika – another proof of transformation after Money & You®. He is actually an entrepreneur, and now he is a coach because he wants to help more people have the right information about hormone diet. Does he have magic? Why can he eat everything but still stay fit? How can he guide people to stay healthy and sexy? Why do people exercise every day but still not lose weight? How can he teach himself to eat healthily? Kotthika will share with you in this episode!


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We have secrets, messages, experiences, and lessons.
Let’s see who is in the next episode in the show.

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00:00 Welcome to Ms Nhi Podcast.
00:48 Intro Kotthika Chia.
01:15 What is Kotthika Chia doing? Why does he start to do his job?
03:14 How did he start his journey?
06:07 Kotthika explains how you can look good and eat whatever you want.
13:39 How did Kotthika guide people to figure out their hormones?
16:29 Does eating more fruits help you stay in shape?
22:07 Why do you exercise every day but not lose weight?
25:19 l*l How does he change people’s eating habits to achieve their goals?
41:21 Kotthika shares about his experience of the COVID-19 and the way he got through the pandemic.
54:16 l*l What advice does Kotthika want to give to the young people?
1:01:42 Should we drink alcohol?
1:05:00 What would Kotthika want to give to himself 5 years ago?


Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for a qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information.

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  1. Lessons from Ms. Nhi ep #25:

    -If you don't have the knowledge, you spend a lot of time and money

    -To balance and maintain a healthy body you have to understand Hormones

    -Fruit That Hurts You

    -You should eat green beef because omgle is more like that.

    -When you exercise every day, you can't burn fat

    -When you're rested is when you burn fat

    -You should not exercise every day

    -If you practice just three times a week, you decrease faster

    -Growth Hormones help you burn fat and help you recuperate yourself

    -Health lies in our hands, not in our doctors' hands

    -Health is important, learn all you can

    -Study and until you're ripe you can do it

    -Alcohol is poison

    -Keep learning and always be modest because you don't know what's going to happen

  2. Lesson form Ms Nhi Ep#25
    – You must be the one who chooses where you belong, where you want to invest.
    -Good sales need to think like a doctor
    – Practice baif every day to know if you are selfish or not
    – prepare before doing something
    – Put emotions behind reason

  3. Lessons from MsNhi ep#25 :
    Don’t let anyone put a label on who you are
    Don’t let anyone assume what kind of people are you
    A rejection is another direction
    You change positive by yourself fisrt before you have to
    Life gives you what you are looking for as long as you keep looking for it and the rejection is just one more stop closer to another success.

  4. Lesson from Ms Nhi ep #25
    – lack of knowledge costs us a lot of time and money
    – never try, never know
    – The fructose in fruit can also make your health worse
    – should exercise only 3 times a week
    – health is in our decision, not doctors
    – Stop investing in yourself and you're dying
    -work plan
    – learn a lot and be humble
    – save time to success by finding a good mentor

  5. Lessons learned from MsNhi 25:
    High consumption of fruit sugar leads to increasing diabetes.
    Side effects of diabetes medications.
    Eating chicken too much causes endocrine system and diabetes.
    Eat whole cows for a lot of omega
    Hormones affect us
    When you exercise every day, you don't burn fat, but only when you rest will the fat be burned.

  6. Before doing something, learn about it.
    Learn to breathe, eat, drink scientifically to promote health.
    Be persistent and you do it.
    When eating and exercising properly, the body secretes hormones that make us stronger and younger.

  7. Lessons from Ms Nhi Ep #25
    – The first step in having a healthy body is to repair the body's damages.
    – Pre-diabetes develops over 20-30 years.
    – Because you have health issues that cause you to be overweight, not the other way around.
    – To maintain your body healthily and balanced, you must start at the root of the problem: Hormones.
    – Fruit is more harmful than you think
    – Eating lots of fruits also causes disease
    – Fructose consumption increases the rate of diabetes
    – Eat healthy foods for the body
    – Daily exercise sometimes does not bring the best effect

  8. Lessons from Ms Nhi Ep 25:
    – The knowledge we can know from the long time maybe not suitable and need to listen my body, my soul is talking with me with about need things.
    – The lectin and growth hormon, also The Nobel Prize 2016, I need to find information to check and enlarge my knowledge.
    – When my value, my experience still here, I can buit repeat

  9. Thank you so much, Mr Kotthika. I’ve watched this video 3 times already. It’s really useful, to be honest. Like Ms Nhi said, women never say No with beauty 🤣 Hope that you can appear in another episode. We’re really curious about this topic. ❤️❤️

  10. Lessons from Ms Nhi Ep/25
    We learn as much as we can and save a lot of time by having good mentors even though we sometimes encounter bad mentors.
    – Understand that as long as your worth is there your experience is priceless

  11. Lessons from ms Nhi ep#25:
    Wasting money and time on weight loss for sports and dieting. Our body contains 2 types of fat: subcutaneous fat (fat under the skin) and visceral fat (in internal organs). The visceral fat can be smelt in 6 days with the hormone. We have to master our hormones. Why we are fat: fat storing hormone (24h in body and when you eat anything, your tummy going up), fat-burning hormone (can't work when the fat-storing hormone is there). When you often do, you can't reduce your weight. Your fat is burned when you have a rest. Your growth hormone makes you younger. Just 2-3 times per week. When your muscles never fail, your growth hormone will not come out. Fruits have fructose, sweeter than sugar, and are handled in our liver. Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. So much fructose causes liver disease. All the juice is fructose, so the diabetes will go up.
    #nhile #nhilefoundation #nhilelifecoach

  12. OMG thanks Kotthika. This knowledge is very valuable to me. It's like opening a new horizon. You give me more motivation to continue my work. Looking forward to the next episode

  13. Lessons from Ms. Nhi Ep #25:
    – When your muscle never fails your growth hormone will not come out. Your hormone comes out and makes you look younger.

    – First is to repair the damage in our body. You can not slim down because your hormone is already out.

    – Always get a mentor and not all the good mentors have time for you.

    – A good mentor is very hard to come by.

    – At the moment you stop learning, you stop growing, you stop investing in yourself that when you are dying.

    – Fatty liver is caused by two things: one is alcohol and one is fruit fructose.

    – Never stop learning and always have to stay humble.

    – We are not ready, unprepared. That's why we are in a deep problem.

  14. Lesson from Ms Nhi ep 25
    – listen and understand your body
    – eat healthy
    – when you have no knowledge, you waste a lot of time
    – body's appetite is not real

  15. lesson from ep #25
    – investment money is so important for my life
    -you have a general heard, buy don't trust people too much
    -mistakes teach me important lesson
    – all of thing become my experience

  16. Lessons from Ms Nhi Ep 25:
    Visceral fat is easy to form but hard to lose
    -It's not good to eat too much fruit
    -I know the reason I practice is to love myself
    -Learn more knowledge from doctors
    -Love yourself
    -You have a craving for food, there is a reason to exercise every day to develop your body
    -You look younger when you take good care of yourself
    -The body is run like a company
    -Repair and Activation

  17. Lessons from ep #25

    – always love your own body
    – Everyone's hormones are different, you need to adjust to fit your body
    – Practice for yourself a healthy diet and exercise
    – Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
    – When you eat too much fruit, you still have fatty liver disease.
    #msnhipodcast #msnhi #singapore

  18. Lessons from Ms Nhi #25:
    – When we have a toned health, we feel comfortable doing everything

    – Plan an exercise that's right for you

    – Self-study is one of the important factors you must promote

    – Be yourself, don't live up to what others say

    – Failure is a lesson for us to come back on the road strongly

  19. Lesson from Ms.Nhi Ep 25:
    – We can't lose weight, our bros hormone stores. If we reduce the amount of this hormone, we lose weight
    – Not all calories are created equal
    – There are two types of fat: subcutaneous fat and visceral fat
    – Everything we crave is controlled by hormones
    – Eating a lot of fruit be harmful to the body
    – When fat storage hormone is active, fat burning hormone is inactive
    – At rest while burning fat. Exercise 2-3 times a week
    – You can't slim down, you mess up your hormones.

  20. Lessons from Ms Nhi Ep #25
    – Exercising every day doesn't help you burn fat
    – The exercise 2-3 times a week is better for your fat burning
    – Pushing muscles to the limit is the right way to help you gain muscle
    – When growth hormone increases, it makes us young again

  21. Lesson from Ms.Nhi ep#25
    Everyone's moon hormone is not the same and each has its own structure
    Build a healthy lifestyle, exercise
    Love and learn to listen to your body Self-study is the fastest and most effective way to help you grow

  22. Lesson from Ms Nhi ep 25:
    _We cannot lose weight when taking slimming pills. If you want to be thin, learn your hormones.
    _Visceral fat is very harmful to health, a diet with fat is not good.
    _Without knowledge, you have a lot of money and a lot of money. Pay for your career.
    #msnhi #msnhipodcast

  23. Lessons from Ms Nhi ep25
    -The fructose consumption increases rapidly in the whole world. Bc its sweeter, cheaper
    -I have to figure out what is meat suitbale for me, to make my stomach smaller

  24. Lessons from ep 25:
    – Limits of absorbing fructose every day under 25 gram
    – Exercise every day
    – Watching what you're eating
    – Health is very important
    – You can't get back health even if you use all the money you have
    – "Money and you" give you a lot of information in life
    – Stop learning, stop investing in yourself mean you're dying
    – Fatty liver caused by alcohol fruits fructose
    – Right shoulder aching inside means your liver has problems and left shoulder means your heart has problems

  25. lesson from ep 25
    – fruits are not good as much as you think
    -do Excersice is the best way to have a healthy life style and get your fitness
    -we are learning about healthy life to understand our body

  26. Lessons from Ms Nhi ep #25
    – fatty liver disease from alcohol and fructose
    – nothing is more important than our health
    -How does our diet affect our health?
    – No matter how old you are, money can still be earned as long as you have knowledge

  27. Lessons from MsNhi 25
    – Everyone's hormones are different
    – Eating too much fruit is also not good because it affects the liver
    – Growth hormone helps us burn fat and look younger
    – the FIRE formula

  28. Lessons from Ep #25 ( Ms Nhi ) :
    -We have to know how to stay healthy in a more attractive way
    -what keeps us from losing weight is our fat storage hormones
    -non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
    -Eating too much fruit makes the body fat, blood sugar increases
    -we should maintain healthy food for our body
    -Chicken causes too much of hormonal disease, diabetes
    -Should eat grass-fed beef because that meat has more omega
    -There are many hormones that affect us, including fat hormones
    -Do not exercise every day, if you do it apart, it be more effective

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