Wellness Goals for Women In Menopause That Are Realistic

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In this video we are talking about wellness goals for women in menopause that are realistic and attainable. Are you ready to overcome the obstacles on your path to wellness? If you desire to set the right wellness goals for women in menopause and use herbal teas designed for us check them out here use my coupon code
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Day-in and day-out, I see people struggling with their health goals. But the truth is that you CAN overcome these obstacles! In this video, I share some tips to help you stay focused and motivated when it feels like things are getting tough 💪

We’ll explore how to change destructive habits, manage weight loss or gain, reduce stress in your life, or find peace with your body in menopause. You deserve success!

Disclaimer: If you are taking medication see an herbalist before adding herbs to your diet.

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00:00 intro
01:30 the by-product of living a healthy lifestyle
03:04 fall in love with every aspect of yourself
03:10 making exercise enjoyable and easy
03:55 why invest in a new look for your current body?
07:11 herbs created for women in menopause & boosting libdo




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On my channel you will live mindfully, healthy living for women who want to lose weight in a chic way, reduce menopause symptoms and self care for wellbeing. Plus how to prepare delicious gourmet foods, health/wellness and living a healthy lifestyle without dieting.

I love empowering women over 40 and over 50 that are beautiful on the inside and out but still need to lose some weight to feel her best. You owe it to yourself to LOOK GOOD + FEEL GOOD.

Whatever stage of life you are in ~ I am here for YOU!

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I blog weekly on healthy living for women to live a chic lifestyle and wellbeing for my clients that are ready to be healthy in her menopause years and lose weight


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  1. I "Paid Attention!" Love the idea of getting clothes you love in your current size, vibrant colors, and a having a motivational mantra.

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