What Factors Go into Rangeland Health – Grazing Management Minute

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What factors go into rangeland health? Learn from Doug Spencer in this Grazing Management Minute episode!

NRCS has technical specialists available to help YOU tailor a specific plan to encourage a healthy prairie landscape.

A Rangeland Health Assessment helps technical specialists evaluate the health status of the environment. Watch this episode to learn about the three factors that are analyzed in this assessment:

1. Soil and Site Stability
2. Hydrologic Cycle/Function
3. Biotic Integrity: Plants

Doug explains different functional groups that are present on the prairie: Tallgrass, Midgrass, Shortgrass, Cool-Season Grass, Forb, Shrub/Vine, and Tree.

Learn about how NRCS uses the data gathered from the Rangeland Health Assessment and the land-owners goals to create a management plan.

Kansas Grazing Lands Coalition would like to serve as an educational platform for experts, land managers, and Kansas ranchers to share their knowledge with others. Comment below to share your own experiences!

Visit to view the entire Grazing Management Minute Video Series.

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