What is Public Health? Crash Course Public Health #1

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We often think of health as a self-centric phenomenon that begins and ends with “me”, but as we’ll explore throughout this series our personal health is just one plot line in a rich story of evolving research and policies that make up the world of public health. So what is public health anyway? Well, public health is an approach to preventing disease, prolonging life, and promoting health for literally everyone. It is a money-saving, life-extending, world-bettering cheat code for improving the world, so we’ll spend the rest of this series examining how and where it is working, where it isn’t working, and how so much of our health is influenced by the world around us.



Introduction: Public Health 00:00
Prevention 03:18
Population Health 5:02
Health Inequities 6:35
Solving Health Inequities 8:05
Cost of Public Health 9:41
Review & Credits 11:37

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  1. Public Health number one enemy right now is non-infectious diseases.
    Diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases etc.
    Those diseases will damage future generations in the long run. I work in an Indonesian public healthcare center, and I’ve seen too many millennials and Gen Zs with high blood pressure and high blood glucose.

    The government now is pushing non-infectious disease screening to schools and workplaces. The results are pretty concerning… high sugar intake really took a toll at our young generations…
    I’m sure this is also happening in many parts of the world.

  2. not me, a senior public health major, watching this video so i'm prepared when someone ask what is my degree for

  3. It'sfunny you should mention Community Gardens as Community Farming was actually very common for a Long time in the Medieval Era, However Royalty wanted control and basically all community Farms were forcibly seized. The example I know of this was by an English Queen iirc.

  4. This course is very timely, I've recently gotten really interested in this subject and am seriously considering getting a master's degree in global public health starting next year, so the timing couldn't be better 🙂 looking forward to this!!

  5. I think it is telling than in the USA public health means "Promoting and protecting people's health", while, according to the UN's International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, which was signed by the USA on Oct 5th 1977, health, as a human right is about ensuring the access and enjoyment of THE HIGHEST ATTAINABLE STANDARD OF HEALTH.

  6. Here's an interesting linguistic fact: did you know that the word "salute" comes from the Latin word that means "safety" or "good health"? A pretty fitting word to describe a formal greeting or expression of respect, since it means to pray for good health to whoever is being saluted. Variants of this word also appear in Romance languages for casually greeting others. The same Latin root also gave way to words like "salvage" and "salvation".

  7. Not you guys starting a public health crash course series right before I start grad school for public health 😲

  8. I'm finishing up my MPH so I need to get around to taking my CPH soon. So hopefully this will be a good refresher.

  9. I'm so excited for this series as someone who works in public health translation and dissemination! Woot woot!

  10. As a public health professional and a longtime Crash Course subscriber, I'm really excited for this new series!

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