What Kanye West Can Teach Us About Bipolar Disorder, Black Mental Health

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NBC News’ Trymaine Lee joins NBC News NOW to talk about the latest episode of his “Into America” podcast, which delves into Kanye West’s public struggles with mental health.
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Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for a qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information.

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  1. 👋I survived my suicidal attempt when I was 18. Later on diagnosed with Bipolar.I am so grateful that I didn’t die even though I became paralyzed. By God’s Grace, my mental health is excellent now. If you are depressed, I hope you will not give up, it’s a treatable medical condition. If I can recover, anyone is able to potentially. Sharing my experience here

  2. History WILL say: "Guilty on all counts!"

    Biden has allowed all this {and more} to happen simply because he is a pathetically weak, cognively challenged, morally corrupt, and a feckless, dangerous fool.

    Biden has BETRAYED America and the free world! All this and more {especially @ America's southern border} is "bb" brain Biden's doing by default/incompitance/pure evil.

    God save us all from the evil, kleptocratic Biden Regime.

    BIDEN: betrayed AMERICA and the free world.

    The kleptocratic Biden Regime:

    1. Under Trump we were energy INDEPENDENT but “bb” brain crippled our energy supply by shutting our own pipelines while at the same time assisted with Russia’s. Biden is now begging OPEC for help. The world took notice.

    2. Under Trump our border was finally beginning to become secure. Biden abandoned brilliant thinking and plans by destroying our sovereignty + opening our border by inviting + rewarding several MILLION unvetted + dangerous {including covid laced/smugglers/M13 gang members/human traffickers/ cartel sleepers/and worse} ILLEGALS into our beloved country that the working poor will be shouldering! The world saw this.

    3. Under Trump our arch enemies were in “check” but Biden GAVE our enemies OVER 95 BILLION dollars in SOTA weaponry and a SOTA airbase as he bowed {surrendered} to a third world tribe of murdering thugs while the world watched.

    4. Trump would NEVER have left countless Americans and allies behind in Afghanistan to die nor ever surrender our SOTA + intact Bagram AFB to a third world tribe. Feckless Biden did the unspeakable and unforgivable while the world took notice…never to forget! Especially China and Russia!

    5. Under Trump Americans experienced record UNEMPLOYMENT numbers…especially for minorities. But “bb” brain began to pay workers to stay home @ taxpayer’s expense! And the world saw.

    6. Under Trump we had an Arab peace deal while China + Afghanistan were in check but pathetic Biden backed down and surrendered to them. The world again took note!

    7. The world knows that under Trump Russia would have NEVER invaded Ukraine… but because of clueless/feckless “bb” brain Russia saw and took the advantage and demonstrated his evilness.

    8. Under Trump voting security and integrity were critical issues allowing clean elections. Biden is afraid of clean elections because he knows that clean elections would put him and his regime at risk. The world sees through this.

    9. OH there is a lot more…the world already knows.

  3. There's so much yt ufc fighters fighting cases, Colby Convington snitches for the 3rd time, a lot of yt celebrities who act really weird, Will just slapped Chris Rock lets talk about him & maybe his mental health

  4. Watching him, I've already learned if I ever get diagnosed with bipolar disorder, I need to seek help, unlike him who is a adult and doesn't seem to have any. Can't feel bad for someone who doesn't want help

  5. All this teaches us, is that academia and your run of the mill social think tanks that influence matters of society, make no room for the average male in its vision of society. Just like Bulls and Roosters are culled or neutored on farms because farms decide they are not profitable enough, and too difficult to handle.

    The problem is not with these men, who have evolved through thousands of years to survive. There is nothing wrong with them. They were built to be protectors, workers, and fighters. Built to survive.

    The problem is with how society reacts to them. Like something to be "fixed." And those who cannot be fixed, they either get systemically neglected or abused.

    This must change. Society has a great deal of healing to do, and these intellectually dishonest narratives painted by NBC news and others are NOT tackling the issue nor will they ever solve it.

  6. Okay now talk about Will Smith’s mental health go on he just slapped Chris Rock, Kanye hasn’t put hands on anyone.

  7. Yes people need to listen to Kanye and try to understand him not judge him by saying he has mental health problems.the society today like to judge you instead of showing interested in the person or take time to learn from the person.

  8. He's acting quite normal for having a wife that is shacking up with another guy while still being married. He's always had mental health issues, but he's actually acting normal in this circumstance. Of course, the media would love for you to believe adultery is okay because very few in the media have a moral compass. It isn't okay.

  9. It's never too late to get help. Normally, those close to you can, through loving kindness, lead you there. But with Kim publicly moving on and already having his replacement, and without the comfort of his mom, it would appear Kanye may feel alone. He gave most of himself, half of his business, and his trust in her and she historically moves on to the next. I'm sure he might feel betrayed as well. It's tough. I hope he can get help. Sometimes the only outlet for those with MH is unusual outbursts. Or so I'm told.

  10. Here we go, all the perfect humans/part time psychologist happen to be hanging out in this comment section lol. NBC keeping their sheeps well fed. Bravo 👏

  11. Notice it's always women calling everyone narcissist. According to all women that are narcissist anyone who doesn't see things their way are also in fact narcissist.

  12. NBC you're full of bologna black mental health really? They really trying to bury this man.. If you really want to see the real Kanye that you never seen before you need to go watch. THE FUTURE BRUNCH. CONTROLLING OUR NARRATIVES. (BLACK FUTURE MONTH) On YouTube…. I'm not going to jump on the bandwagon and being a sheep. The future this guy had for us black and brown people trust me, you will leave watching the video speechless. You can hate on him all you want. You folks are really sad… When someone is a genius that's have a 10 years step of their time thinking differently from the "norm" You're going to call them narcissistic, bipolar, crazy all this other bad stuff. Nothing positive about that individual just like they do to every other genius people in history. Calling him crazy his thought process is so way ahead of our time. This man need to be protected at all costs. That been said stop being a sheep you are freaking blind. He's the only person out there that have a vision for us no one else does. You just don't understand what he's doing to create and pave a path for his people.. No other person out there on his level he's too way ahead of his time…. Just remember this comment I told you so… Smh

  13. Why in a conversation about mental health the media throws race into it. The media is trying to start a race war.

  14. The people around him need to stop enabling him and encourage him to seek counseling and medication. He's said several times he doesn't desire to do that.

  15. So ridiculous to say black mental health there is no color to mental health its ridiculous I know I have mental health and its awful to deal with everyday cut him a break

  16. He has a personality disorder. No pill can fix a malignant narcissist. He is dangerous and vindictive. Big difference between a personality disorder and mental illness.

  17. Oh stop it. The problem isn't his mental health, he knows what he's doing. The issue with him is he's spoiled coddled, and entitled. Stop trying to paint him, and black mails in general (spelled wrong on purpose because no one can tell the truth about them, you know), as perpetual victims who don't know right from wrong. Everyone else has to take accountability for themselves, he should have to as well. Don't care who gets mad, ain't going back and forth with anybody, I said what I said.

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