What We Know About Long COVID: Symptoms, Causes, Conditions

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Long COVID, or COVID symptoms that persist for months or even years after initial infection, has continued to perplex researchers and doctors. Dr. Natalie Azar joins the 3rd Hour of TODAY to explain what is known about long COVID and what can be done if you suffer from it.

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Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for a qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information.

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  1. What they are missing is that these patients most likely have an undiagnosed systemic infection such as micoplasma, Q fever, Bartonella, Lyme Disease etc that had been dormant & had come out due to the stress covid put on the body. This is why the symptoms vary so much. At this point, doctors are not testing for these infections.

  2. I have long covid for 9 months .its worst … . I fighting if i give up it come back . I dont khow what to do . Wish me luck knock it out before im finish.

  3. Fit and healthy, athletes, nutitionists, Doctors, Nurses, children, vaccinated or not, can develop long covid too. Peaple who had a mild case initially are 2 years down the line, and some are chronically unwell. I myself am 28 months into this horrid by product of the initial covid virus. Doing my own studies; out of desperation to find a cure, has proved there is NO particular catagory of the human race that Long covid will not affect . It is definitely not mainly hospitalised cases and underlying illness people who are prone to devlop Long covid.
    Its a case of russian roulette whether you deve;op it or not.

  4. I have so many symptoms to mention. I had covid in Dec and now I get a severe upper respiratory illness every few months that has medown for days. I also lose my voice each time. I am very tired all the time

  5. For the last few days I noticed my voice volume level has dropped significantly. I live alone. I do not have anyone to talk. I work from home. I do not smoke but my rooms are filled with cannabis smokes from other flats. I was shocked when I tried to say something for myself that my voice level is very low. I had covid in April 2020, I have been suffering from long covid for the last two years. Fatigue is the main symptom. One of the other main long covid symptoms is lung aching. I assume my voice issue is something to do with my lung aching and its function or the second hand cannabis smoke. I am in my sixty. I am now 60 percent less effective when I compare my well-being with pre-covid period. I know I am going to die suddenly one day along side with other long covid symptoms.

  6. I had my first feverish symptom almost a month ago. I only got the first vaccine. I was giving antivirals when I tested positive about a week after my first feverish symptom. Took them and felt fine after the 5 day dose. Few days later, it came back … Here we are almost a month later and I'm still waking up feeling a low grade fever. I'm really concerned now …😢😢😢 I dunno what to do, I'm sure I cought it at the hospital, so I don't wanna go back to get checked … Ugh

  7. I'm 51 one years old (was a very healthy man). What ever this is has been haunting me for over three years. I go through different stages. Always fatigued. At times I cant walk or talk. My mind says go and my body says no. My bones and muscle's ache. I'm medicated, have been to so many clinics and do not know what to believe. Bottom line is somebody did this and they and or there country need to be held accountable. Along with many others it has changed my life completely (just think of our loss). God bless you all and I wish you the best !!

  8. Please figure it out!!! I have been exhausted and can't taste or smell since January of 2021!!! Can't get out bed, right, I HAVE TO get out of bed or I would be homeless. 🖕 I'm close to giving up. So tired of feeling exhausted, beyond exhausted! As well as other symptoms.

  9. This Doctor is speculating. As long as you rule out other underlying possibilities. You need to find out what works for you. I do hear fasting helps often.

  10. Covid 19 or it's variants will never be fatal for any one and the patient never need to be hospitalized if the patient strictly follows a particular diet plan during the covid 19 infection, click over the budhha image and see the description box of the given video. It is my two decades experience of the hellish pain of pneumonia and inflammation . There are thousands of species of living things on earth, covid 19 is only fatal for humans, why? most of the animals never face inflammation severely like humans. why? Some patients have been facing long covid and some of them still didn't get rid of it completely. Why? A human body takes 15 days to get immunity against any virus but many covid patients didn't get immunity against it even after one and a half year later too. Why? The other thing, covid 19 is fatal only for 1 or less than one percent of the infected people, while 99 percent get survived with it and if the patients who are severely affected get ventilator and other facilities on time then the mortality rate would be less than that, so the main thing that has been killing the people it is not the virus directly, it is the severe inflammation. Who he survived this severe inflammation doesn't need to be afraid of any sort of covid 19 or it's variants. See the description box of the given video, it answers, all these questions..dear friends I was a very severe patient of pneumonia and inflammation and it's been three years and I won't face neither pneumonia nor inflammation now. but I follow my diet plan very very strictly..I want to ask the doctors, why don't I face pneumonia now, is the pneumonia virus no more exist in the atmosphere? If not then why? I tell you the reason because now my body doesn't act overwhelmingly on pneumonia virus thus if the patient's body doesn't act overwhelmingly on covid 19 virus he never faces inflammation overwhelmingly and he is safe.

  11. Tachycardia, chest pain, fatigue, seizures, palsies, depression/anxiety, headache/migraines, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, LOSS OF SMELL AND TASTE, coughing, shortness of breath.. muscle and joint aches, skin rash, immune cell activation, changes to bone marrow and white blood cells, changes in menstruation, lung scarring/coughing, atrophy of saliva glands leading to sore throat, hair loss…

    = The most widely reported "Long Covid" symptoms as well as 5mm radiation exposure symptoms.

  12. Is there anyone with long Covid that has not had the vaccine? I would like to know if they have considered the vaccine as the culprit…

  13. I am 23 years old and have been suffering from Long-Covid for about a year now ! It is truly life altering and leaves you feeling hopeless.. My sympathy goes out to anyone dealing with this ! I can’t even work so if you care to bless me and my family, thank you !!!!❤️ $ChrishunnaJay98

  14. I was an otherwise health young male (33) and have been suffering from long Covid for 14 months now. Have too many symptoms to list here but the worst by far is the ungodly fatigue. Absolutely debilitating and horrendous.

  15. This is why people should know that you do not want to catch covet in the first place! People believe that once you catch it they're good. These are the side effects of this virus that people are not focusing on. At my job we have people who are still fatigued five months later

  16. We may be need to get run from covid all year for next 3 years and suffer from human social demand i convince people to face it not too fear .
    Thoes not think so have own a dwbt of understanding

  17. Reactivated dormant infections: EBV, Mycoplasma, Bartonella, Lyme Disease…

    See Dr. Amy Proal, PolyBio Research Foundation

  18. Had Covid last month. No long Covid for me so far. My mom had it a couple of months ago and experienced fatigue for a few weeks after, but I convinced her to go back to working out (started off with a light workout and worked her way up) and she started feeling better.

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