Which Long-term Relationships Will Survive and Which Won't

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From the outside, it seems impossible to predict whether a couple will break up or stay together…unless we fathom the fundamental reason why all breakups occur.
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“It can seem very confusing why certain long-term relationships survive and some don’t. It can — from afar — look as if it’s the most cruel and alarming sort of lottery. Trying to explain love to a child or a visitor from another planet promises to be a perplexing matter indeed: all couples on their wedding day are united in wanting to make things work. Then, for reasons beyond anyone’s comprehension, some of them simply seem to dissolve and others don’t.To remove some of the terrifying element of apparent chance (and encourage us to work on the right aspects of our own couples), it may be helpful to become deliberately reductive about the real reasons why breakups occur…”


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  1. Anybody with problems related to actually communicating their feelings to a partner (instead of listening)?

  2. Why is relationship advice so often reductive and oversimplified? There is some truth to this, but often one of the partners does not have the emotional maturity required for a healthy relationship. Sometimes, the characters are incompatible. And having very different interests and little in common, will definitely lead you to drift apart.

  3. Damn, I should have seen this clip much earlier in my relationship and perhaps it really would have worked out as I have wished it.

  4. This. My marriage suffered from lack of affection and intimacy at an early stage. When I tried to talk about my concerns with my wife she ignored me or avoided the topic. She didn't listen to me. In the end I stopped listening to her as my needs were ignored. Now we are divorcing.

  5. i agree and live by this philosophy in my own relationship (i am a psychology student moving into behavioural intervention myself). The relationships i had in the past, i would always say “i hear you, i understand you, because i love you”. and from this, i’ve single handedly eliminated toxic/non beneficial friendships and relationships. the persons response taught me everything i needed to know about our relationship, them, and myself.

  6. Communication, trust and respect is the cornerstone of every relationship, casual as well as romantic ones!

  7. Being recommended to #druroko was a blessing after years of suffering I have finally been cured from HSV 1&2 thank you Dr Uroko you are indeed a blessing to this generation..💯….

  8. Being recommended to #druroko was a blessing after years of suffering I have finally been cured from HSV 1&2 thank you Dr Uroko you are indeed a blessing to this generation..💯….

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