WHO Meets To Determine If Monkeypox Is A Global ‘Public Health Emergency’

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With more than 3,000 confirmed cases of monkeypox around the globe, the World Health Organization is meeting to determine whether the spread of the virus should be considered a “public health emergency of international concern.” NBC News’ Meagan Fitzgerald explains what the designation could mean for the world and how countries have been protecting their at-risk populations from the virus. 

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Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for a qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information.

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  1. The fact that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is the second largest source of funding for the WHO…….should tell EVERYONE how credible this institution is. Then add to that the Gates foundation has major shares in Pfizer and BioNTech…….See the connection??

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  3. Dr Reiner Fuellmich and other lawyers and doctors have filed lawsuit against WHO, CDC, and Fauci for crimes against humanity by violating 10 Nuremberg codes. Mainstream media is BS!!!

  4. Another man made virus, They keep on making these virus because the government keep on giving them money for the man made bad vaccines. This is a businessman now for FDA CDC only care about how much money they going to make of that bad vaccines they give you.

  5. Ihr mein die, die die Weltordung haben wollen !? Die WHO will uns als Sklaven halten. Sie bekämpfen die Demokratie, Sie alleine wollen das sagen haben. Die WHO gehört zerschlagen !!!!

  6. Could it be weak immune systems due to the covid vaccine has left the human race much more susceptible to previously not very infectious diseases? You hear of so many different cases of people getting seriously ill from previously very rare infections. The evidence is mounting, people are suffering. Is this political/corporation partnership stealing our money, our health, and our culture, all in the name of profit and power?

  7. Too late, ppl have already been vaccinated with Subunit ones.
    Instead of inducing immunity to vaccinated people, acc to me, the DNA vac and subunit vaccines have triggered zoonotic diseases to a percentage of subun vaccinated ppl.
    India, China and Russia have no such vac until cross border contamination.

  8. So, u know how placebo's play an important role in the process of manufacturing drugs? Whether it be the drug or the symptom. So, since the internet is like one huge trial period of random things and almost no jurisdictions, what if all these things are placebo's pushed by big pharma to see what they can induce through social media and feed us their deadly drugs for profit to "save" us?

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