Why are Americans choosing to quit their jobs in record numbers?

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 The United States is seeing its highest “quit rate” since the government started keeping track two decades ago. Bill Whitaker speaks with employers who are scrambling to find help and people who left their jobs and aren’t looking back.

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  1. Because the federal reserve board the seven members who are elected by the president of United States of America for up to a term of 14 years or tired of being financially stolen from with inflation and deflation and with the banks taking control over our monetary system. What in retrospective is inflation stealing from the poor and giving to the rich!

  2. The pay is soooo far behind! people are choosing death before wage slavery! I can't take this much longer! losing my health and still in the hole, been working since i was 14 now 37… I want kids, and a wife but know i cant afford either…. Life sucks! Already lost half my family from this insane depression we're being put through! TOOO MANY CHEIFS not enough Indians!!!

  3. I'm getting paid great can't complain with no degrees americans are lazy people I know because even with the ones I work with are very lazy most not all but I say about 60% and the ones are working take advantage of the system calling off playing the race card

  4. This country America does not care for low income citizens or middle class. Rise in homeless people and children, lost homes, lost jobs, lost loved ones, mental illnesses, etc. I despise corporatism and all your evils and lies.
    Everything about corporate companies and its culture is negative and evil to lie to your faces everyday while the masses are ordered to wear masks and tell you to take multiple vaccine shots and their planned agendas with the pharmaceutical companies or Big Pharma.
    I don't follow any american news network at all, you guys are full of crap much like the history of this entire country. Stupid world smh

  5. You expect Americans to work 40 works a week 5 days a week with low wages, no guaranteed vacations, or even time off for having a baby. Americans are being abused when it comes to having workers rights

  6. What's interesting to me is that some people are starting to work for themselves or using employment agencies. In the healthcare field we call it Private Duty. I had my own little agency in the early 2,000's. I hired 5 other Nursing assistants to do round the clock care for one client. The family paid me one check for all the hours worked and I paid the girls. I made the schedule. I filled in if someone had an emergency. We had meetings to address problems. After the client died we all went to agency work. I gave them their 1099 Form so they could pay their taxes. That's been trending more for Nurses and Nursing assistants and other types of work, like housekeeping for the last 10 years or more. Even before Covid I've worked in many hospitals and health facilities with only a skeleton crew in quarantine situations. You know it's much worse now since I just retired this year. I've seen doctors and other medical staff over worked, actually falling asleep while standing up. Your body can only take but so much.I salute healthcare workers, law enforcement officers, fire department, teachers, and all emergency workers who are under fire sometimes lately, and some are so burnt out they are leaving. I don't think I could walk a mile in their shoes.

  7. People are quitting their jobs.because the taxes are to high and what ever increase is in pay the government takes it in taxes. Individuals choose to live homeless rather then pay high taxes out of their paychecks What is really happening is the working person is tired of working for free!
    The elite want a digital currency with a digital constitution.
    We need to keep everyone aware of what is going on. This way informative decisions can be made.
    They have always murdered individuals with knowledge that stand in their way. If people understood that the elites goals is to make us slaves they would rebell against them. The elite no longer need us so they don't care what happens to the human race
    It is always divide and conker on a mental and physical playing field.

  8. I believe the reason why Americans refuse to go to work in numbers numbers as high as they are is because is what better way to get the government's attention than everybody stopped working if everybody in this country didn't go to work for a year what would happen to America I think it's part of making a stand is the reason why they're not going back to work

  9. They are NOT hiring American people. They are hiring illegals, Jamaican, Overseas workers, Brazilians..ect. WHY ? because they are cheaper…. period.

  10. she worked for the federal reserve… doesn't she know they are a criminal syndicate indebting the gvt and the taxservants tremendously ? $30 T so far and skyrocketing !

  11. Despite the economic downturn. I'm so happy l have been earning $60,000 return from my $7,000 investment every 14days of trading.

  12. No one wants to be micro managed by another employer telling you wtf to do. Getting up every day to do something you hate doing

  13. Listen to that builder we doubled our revenue year after year but can't keep people from quitting maybe they should get better pay if your earning so much more off the backs of others. It shows you that employers don't get it that when a company is doing well because of the work they do everyone should do better both employers and employees!

  14. Most sound and healthy ppl do not want control. They simply want to exercise their inherent free will uninterrupted. Understandable.

  15. Because when you get a half way decent job. The gov takes your foostamps raises your rent sky high.. Then they pay their bills and have no money for food!!!

  16. I resigned from my job because American asset striping company bought my company, took billions worth loans and expected me to work 3 people jobs. So I choose to resign rather to risk stoke or hart attack.

  17. Employer abuse is nothing new in this country. Last time this happened, people didn’t quit they formed unions. Not a fan of unions, I would rather see people quit and find a way to be self employed. It’s time we stop padding corporations pockets and go back to supporting mom and pop shops. People are usually happier working for local businesses.

  18. Working for a clueless management staff is the biggest problem. Worst of all, they hsve zero clue they are clueless…No, really..

  19. Honestly some employees offer crappy positions to cover. I do not blame anyone and then you have to put up with terrible people at work.

  20. Of course, it's welfare. If not for all that free money, what would people eat, how would people pay $1,500/month rent, etc?
    When welfare pays better than working, why would anybody work?

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