Why get a public health degree online?

YouTube video Growing up, Jamaican native Kemar Reid ’18 ’20G knew he had a passion for public health. Once he discovered Southern New Hampshire University, he found a path to pursue his goals.

“I realized that SNHU was not only a reputable brick and mortar school, but [that they’d] been doing online programs for many years,” Reid said.

Now that he’s earned his Master of Public Health, he’s ready for anything. “The most important thing I learned at SNHU is that I am capable of learning whatever I put my mind to.”

As an accredited, nonprofit university, SNHU is dedicated to the success of our learners. With over 200 online programs — including degrees in nursing, public health, healthcare administration and more — we’re here to help you build the skills you need to transform your life and the lives of those around you.

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0:00 Kemar’s Introduction
0:26 Why SNHU for a Master of Public Health?
0:51 How long did it take to finish your program?
1:04 How did a public health degree help your career?
1:21 What’s next for you as a public health professional?


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  1. Hi Kemar I watched ur story is on ur channel over a year ago when I was reviewing the school, I’m Jamaican as well and I’m so proud of u, ur an inspiration after getting my medical coding and billing diploma at a technical college I wanted to go further… I got accepted at SNHU last year and I’m currently in my second term studying for my BS in HIM. Big up yuhself.. Love and respect ☺️

  2. You've done a lot and you're likely interested in helping others. Good for you.
    Question: What does it mean 'My employers were so excited to see the degrees on my resume'?
    I understand the words not the logic path. For example an MD applyies for a job and her employers were so glad to see the degree on her CV. This make no sense to me. Perhaps you do not NEED the degrees you have in order to get the job you were applying for. Is that it?

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