Why Japan is the Most Difficult Country to Have Children | The Shrinking Population

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In this channel we’ve discussed many social problems. You might think that there are multiple problems happening at once, but did you know that at the root of all of them is one major cause?

It is the reality of Japan as tweeted by Elon Musk. Unfortunately, what he explained is absolutely true and it’s why Japan is suffering.

So today, I will explain the current situation of Japan’s declining population. Next, I will talk about the two main causes of this problem. Finally, please let me explain the measures Japan should take on this issue and the current severe situation.

By watching this video, you can get an idea of just how much Japan is in a critical state now. I hope this video will be useful for those who want to study or work in Japan to plan their future. Also, since the low birthrate and aging population is not only a problem in Japan, please let me know in the comments what measures are being taken in your country!

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0:00 Let’s START!
1:35 Population Decline and Its Negative Impact
6:29 Causes of Population Decline
12:24 The Disappointing Measures to Combat Population Decline
16:22 Today’s Conclusion

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  1. it's like an entangled web man that's crazy, trying to solve one will lead to other problem

    get rid of the crazy work culture = the economy will be ruined, the old one won't allow that
    get rid the old people = that's all they have, the young one are few, no more people can work
    Immigration then = that solve the workforce maybe, but we're talking about "japanese" population here
    Make more baby! = where's the money??
    get more money then!! = i'm dying from overwork here already…..

  2. My mother was born in the 1970s to a japanese mother this is definently true!My grandmother was born in 1945!How crazy is that!

  3. It's fine for populations to shrink. It's normal for those that reach industrial modernity, at least for a while. The problem is funding the elderly.

    If Japan wants to raise the birth rate, it would require entirely radical overhauls. The bureaucracy around daily life needs to be eliminated. Dramatically reduce paperwork, licenses, permits, applications, etc. All of it. No more fees, no more waiting periods for things.

    The other overhaul needed is work culture. Japanese work an absurd amount of hours weekly yet have low productivity. They spend unnecessary amounts of extra time at work. Not to mention the infamous after work activities that not all enjoy. That has to change.

    Third, the government needs to offer incentives. Offer to pay off parts of people's homes for each child they have.
    Does that sound expensive? Socialistic? Well, invest in your future or die. It's that simple.

    You also need to glorify motherhood. Sorry, but it's not realistic at all to be a mother and a career woman. You can be honest about that or you can keep allowing the population to decline.

    Bottom line is that you don't need to import foreigners to save a population from a low birth rate. That's what the west does and they will collapse because of it. Japan should have caution before repeating their mistakes.

  4. Very sad and alarming. In addition to the strategies you identified, overall, Japan's rigid cultural and social conventions need to evolve. Unfortunately, that takes time. Free childcare. And support the women. That will always yield results.

  5. Sad thing is people without kids tend to have very lonely and lack purpose in later life, there is no future.

  6. No one should pay attention to Elon Musk. He gets way too much attention as is. He's just a nuisance at this point.

  7. Don't worry Japan. At least you're going to go down honorably. America is dying because we're confused about gender, we vote in insane people term after term, and we house a lot of people with no backbone and our borders are gone by design.

  8. The Japanese government should really make the country more work friendly and have flexibility hours if they expect people to have more kids

  9. The main reason is it is expensive. I live here in japan and i notice lots of married couple don’t want to have children until they are financially ready. But they are sxually active, cheating is rampant here

  10. I'm sorry, shogo, but i can't follow your logic enough to understand the problem you're trying to explain. I want to be constructive, but the logic is so looped i cant even explain the problem. Why is it hard to get married? What do rural villages have to do with this? I think this must be a subject too complex for such short video…

  11. I'm one of those foreign fathers that can't see his kids because the government doesn't recognize or believe in shared custody.

  12. European countries like France pay a lot of money to a mother for each child she bears, irrespective whether she is married or not. kf you have three kids, you can live on the allocation money like on a salary.

  13. Samething with Korea too , i may fear two country may go extinct soon or later if they do something about the issues .

  14. To answer your question Shogo, in Hungary the measures taken are that families a receive a tax benefit after children (and the parents +3 holidays/year) and the school-related expenses are financially supported (e.g. school-books). Plus if you have at least 2 children then you can apply for financial support when you're renovating your house – or a discounted loan when buying a place. And even more financial support when you have at least 3 children.
    This is because our population is also shrinking, though not as rapidly as Japan's, but in our case it's not just about the fertility rate and deaths, it's also about people leaving the country due to being difficult to live here. And it is usually the youth who are leaving. (Which brings us to the 2nd issue: our population is also ageing – though this is also not as fast as in case of Japan.)

    As for old people vetoing every new advancement like AIs, this is not a Japan-specific problem. Most old people have a very hard time dealing with new things everywhere in the world. In my country what's being done is that still everyone is trying to digitalize (though some really take it slow), and those who can handle the digital solutions (online banking, mobile apps, etc.) are using these methods, while those who can't keep up still use the old methods. It's not an or-or situation, AI/automated/online solutions can exist at the same time as the old, face-to-face (or similar) methods. Even if just half the people use the digital way, it is still a huge reduction in manual workload.

  15. No, Japan is not dying out. It's population may shrink, but considering that Japan is 41st out of 248 countries by population density, and only exceeded by Bangladesh, India, and the Philippines in density for countries of more than 100 million persons, it can easily cope with lowering its population, with no serious adverse consequences. When Japan's population density is in the bottom half of the standings, and the population is still declining (like Russia), then I'd start to worry.

  16. Is choosing to live in a lower cost, more rural area basically career suicide? Maybe if companies were required to have a % work remotely, then having a family would be possible away from the intensely competitive megacites?

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