Why Medical Bills In The U.S. Are Out Of Control

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Medical bills in the United States are expensive. It’s a concern that has the attention of Americans and lawmakers.

This is not a unique problem for the United States. Health-care spending is consistently rising around the world, however the U.S. is the worst performer when it comes to controlling costs. A lack of universal coverage in the U.S. and a fragmented and heavily commercialized system leads to rising costs and excessive spending.

One area with a hidden potential to hurt the pockets of Americans: ambulances. It’s an open secret in America that calling for an ambulance can be a financial gamble because of surprise bills. There’s no way for patients to know how much an ambulance will cost before they get inside the vehicle, and the final bill can be thousands of dollars.

Health insurance plans are another area that can have a negative impact on your wallet. Most Americans are bad at figuring out which health insurance plan will save them money. A study of almost 24,000 employees at a major Fortune 100 company found that 61% of them chose the wrong plan for their needs and estimated that the average employee could have saved $372 per year by choosing a different plan.

Watch this video to learn why medical bills are out of control and what you need to know to help limit those costs.

00:00 – Why The U.S. Health-Care System Is So Bad At Controlling Costs (February 2022)
12:00 – Why Ambulances Cost So Much In The U.S. (July 2020)
27:46 – Why Most Americans Choose The Wrong Health Insurance Plan (February 2022)

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Why Medical Bills In The U.S. Are Out Of Control


Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for a qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information.

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  1. America has a broke healthcare system we are so convinced that universal health care gives us no choice.. But will buy an insurance that limits who you see but that's the argument no choice .. Funny cause I have an open wound on my left leg been in wheelchair since 1994 I have been trying to get wound fixed since 2019 and have at this point have been limited to about four hours a day in wheelchair.. I have been told no one in Oregon can fix me? And will loose my job and insurance in September.. At that point I'm just going to end up dieing from the infection.. When all I needed was fixed in 2019 and I'd still have job and insurance.. But no we have the best choice lol the choice is go broke and probably die anyway..

  2. This is disgusting 🤮 and immoral. I went through the comments and feel so bad for many people but the health industry is working perfectly because it was design this way for profit and greed.

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  4. I love my private insurer. They charge me co-pays, deductibles, and premiums and increased by 25% since 2020. I hate the idea of Medicare for all. Americans should pay more for a less effective system. We have to make sure CEO’s make millions of dollars before we do anything to lower cost.

  5. When I was a child I wished that I was born in America but now the more I learn about it I'm grateful I wasn't.

  6. Priviate health insurance insurance companies need to be shut down, and the executives need to be prosecuted for the scamming of the American people

  7. The high cost is not a big deal. The real big problem is they made people hooked to prescription drugs and become even sicker.

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  9. GREED! Many countries do not charge for all the USA people must pay.

    I left the USA at 79 to Queretaro, Mexico, because USA became too deadly and expensive. I was not going to pay my entire pension for an apartment, that <i had lived almost 24 years. I did buy a house, that was robbed and burned down. We need to send the greedy and the criminals to wars all over the world, with toy guns.

  10. I was charge $3500 for an ambulance ride I was forced to take by my psychiatrist just because I admitted to having suicidal thoughts. Let me tell you, a $3500 bill when u barely have the mental health to be working is not an incentive to want to live.

  11. Everybody is concerned about the market going down but refusing to take advantage of it. The best decision I ever made in my life was investing in the crypto market. Trust me guys, it really pays a lot! 😊

  12. Republicans easily tricked their constituents in 2009 with ‘death panels’ and other made up conspiracies all while promising their own solution… for OVER A DECADE. R’s will never allow it to be fixed because keeping it broken upsets the libs.

  13. I really wonder why not more Americans move to Europe. Life is so much better here, and Americans with education would find it easy to get settled here.

  14. In the beginning of the film someone refers to this as a "Product" and as soon as that's what you see, you have a problem. It's a necessary service! It should not be determined by your income or availability to insurances.

  15. All I can say is were a third world country wearing gucci. We're so opposed to socialism and communism. We should be. But turn a blind eye to old fashion right wing fascist? Like that's any kosher. I'm paying an insurance company to basically do bare minimum. Like why did we have a revolution when we don't even have a say when we pay our health insurance companies or our taxes? It's like paying someone to help you out and they just sit there and don't help at all. I've had quite the experience paying for someones help only for them to not get the job done. It's really pathetic when our health care industry would rather keep a man crippled instead of giving him the ability to walk.

  16. health care is better up here in Canada then in the USA because Canada has government health care, with private health care like in the USA , lots of money is wasted on advertising , when that money could be better spent to give someone health care that desperately needs it.

  17. Its very simple….The Medical Schools, doctors and the industry in general limits the amount of seats that are open in the med schools! By the way take a look at who is in charge of the Medical Schools and there is your answer!!

  18. What??? USA orders more tests? what a lie!!!! I'm from abroad and I keep going on doctors there because my doctors in USA don't care about ordering tests! Just had a physical done overseas and it covered a lot. Sorry but health insurance coverage is not as centered in the patient over USA

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    EI — from the: Pirate Movie — is literally real. And, the News — is paart of. PaaRT – Indeed recon teams / we indeed remember, all these.

  20. Nope, there are too many excuses. A culture that glorifies greed and exploitation will hold the population to ransom. Insurance providers have a vested interest in their plans being incomprehensible. Decision aids should be mandated

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