Would Universal Healthcare Bankrupt California?

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California’s Assembly has been considering a bill that would not only create universal health care in the state (including for illegal immigrants) but would ban private insurance companies. While most people would love to have free healthcare, the problem with that has always been that it’s not free. In this episode of America Uncovered, we look at whether single-payer healthcare would bankrupt California, how proponents of it plan to fund it, and what impact that would have on California residents and businesses.

Democrats Tried to Change the Senate Filibuster. Are They Crazy?!




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  1. Good luck if u think U are getting universal free medical. U can die as far as the state is concerned. Only Europeans deserve medical care u can go screw yourself here in the states.they will always include illegals so no one will vote for it.

  2. I wish them the worst. Some of the nastiest sleeziest politicians came from California. Ef you sanfrancico. Ef nancy palosi.

  3. California might be able to to afford some basic level of universal healthcare if they didn’t spend so much money on retarded shit.

  4. Offset costs by removing business from covering insurance? Sure, it definitely won't just create an additional market for supplemental insurance. Which originally sprung up from federal insurance deficiencies.

  5. The American healthcare system seems very confusing. Saw something about different levels? That makes no sense. You either have healthcare or you don't? The yearly cost I've seen in this system was: 'Bronze' level. – $5,842, 'Silver' level. – $6,684, 'Gold' level. – $8,580, and 'Platium' level. – $11,304 Now I can say that in Canada, the cost is around $7,000 per person with the following considerations. This doesn't pay for parking. The cost for parking at hospitals is huge. Although, every single citizen gets benefits. Elective surgery will be postponed if say you have a bunch of anti-vaxxers filling up the hospital. My father hadn't worked for years, was operated on by one of the world's best heart surgeons at the Ottawa heart institute. Our society isn't burdened by anyone who's lost their home due to medical bills. Canadians live three years longs on average. Of course it's not free. It's just a cheaper and better alternative. So cheap, even white-privileged, bigots can save money AND see to it that 'illegal' gets looked at.

  6. No wonder why every single biotechnology and Healthcare stock that I invest in last year got delisted from the stock market.

  7. To be honest I think the best thing the US could do to improve health care accessibility is to cap the price markup. Like insulin, a quick search and it seems to cost around $3 a vial to make but is sold around for $150 a vial. Capping the price to $10-$20 would make it accessible and allow the medical company to make a decent profit (current markup is around 5000%, 300-600% markup is proposed, and food usually has a markup of 60%)((The FDA, food drug administration, would probably be what decide the appropriate price, that's why I mentioned food))

  8. Well, before I watch the video, people are stealing without consequence, using drugs and defecating in the streets…. Some picture here as to how… oh, I read that wrong… healthcare…. Who knows

  9. An ambitious plan to finally catch up with the Western world in terms of healthcare. I wonder how this experiment will go.

  10. fuck no im not going to have my taxes go to illegal immigrants, come in legally and take care of yourself im not responsible for paying for your health care

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