Year of the Health and Care Workers 2021 – Seminar Three

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2021 has been designated by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as the International Year of Health and Care Workers (YHCW) in appreciation and gratitude for their unwavering dedication in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

As health systems respond to the ongoing pressure of COVID the workforce has never been more important – nor more stretched. The Year of the Health and Care Workers (YHCW) should be a turning point in our discussions about the long-term planning and investment in health and care workforces to support universal health coverage.

The third seminar of the series will explore a range of workforce planning issues, including short- and long-term drivers of demand and supply of key workers, the range of policy levers at ones disposal, the importance of sustainable planning (in balancing different planning and time horizons, the mix between different professions and geographies, and professional scope and licence to practice), and strategies to plan for these key professions.
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Please see below for timestamps of each part of this seminar:
Introduction: 00:00-07:28
Rob Smith: 07:28-20:26
Veerle Vivet: 20:26-32:48
Dr Shashank Vikram: 32:48-47:00
Gila Zarbiv: 47:00-58:42
Dr Ronald Batenburg: 58:42-1:13:52
Panel Discussion: 1:13:52-1:52:28
Close: 1:52:28-


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