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At least 370,000 people have already died in the Yemen conflict, while millions have been displaced. The United Nations ranks the bloody proxy war and its effects as the world’s worst humanitarian crisis.

The conflict in Yemen, in the south of the Arabian Peninsula, has been going on for years, and has recently seen renewed intensity. In January, an airstrike by the Saudi-led coalition on a prison in the north of the country killed at least 70 people and left hundreds injured. The war has now effectively divided Yemen in two. Its causes are more than just economic and religious ones. It is seen as a proxy war between Saudi Arabia and Iran. At stake are regional dominance, untapped oil reserves and access to the Red Sea, including the all-important Suez Canal.

Sana’a, the erstwhile Yemeni capital, is now considered one of the most inaccessible places on the planet. For the past six years, the city has been controlled by a Houthi political and military movement calling itself “Ansar Allah.” But Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates view the Houthi rebels, who belong to the Zaydism branch of Islam, as heretics who pose a threat to Wahhabism. Using weapons provided by the West, they have relentlessly bombarded the north of the country. Meanwhile, a strict embargo is starving the population, with some 400,000 children at risk of death from famine.

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  1. If we check on ancient history we will understand that war and the shedding of blood is a part of earth . This earth have never been at peace since man fall from his first estate. Wars will be with us until he returns ,blessed be he. Shalom aleichem

  2. I Respect You For Be Real Witt What's going On with The Unfair War T Yemen 🇾🇪..

  3. Africa is a lie stay in sudan be christen stop joing taking over islam you hijacking islam i only see blacks around in the mosque and im outside mosque

  4. These people have been feuding since the founding of Islam. People ignore this because it's been so long since Shia and Sunni have been feuding in one form or another. If they practiced true Islam they would respect each others right to exist. This is just another tragedy in a world inundated with horrible acts of war and terror on a daily basis – unfortunately society is numb to this, unless you live there or have a connection.

  5. the define economic freedom as the to make choices with respect to one’s ™William.personal resources, unencumbered by "trusted" third parties or borders or lack of access. We believe economic freedom is the foundation of peace and prosperity, and by creating more of it for people, their are reducing suffering in the world. Our mission is to help everyone, everywhere be more economically free.

  6. You 'forgot' to mention that the US, UK and France send bombs to SA to massacre Yemeni children. An important point I think 🙄

  7. You won't find this anywhere on western news but the war in ukraine is fully mentioned something wierd is going on? Huh

  8. Islamist can't leave peacefully. If they find no non Muslim then they will kill each other. Only Israel🇮🇱 and China 🇨🇳 know how to handle Islamists.

  9. Reportedly NATO provided weapons have been used to kill civilians…

    That's like saying reportedly the Nazis have concentration camps.

  10. Thank you for your investigation. It's unbelievable that the world doesn't care about what is happening there.

  11. United States, France, and Britain provide weapons to the world as a business. At the same time they are constantly creating conflict everywhere they can, so their business thrives. Cleverly, shares of this companies and their provider's, have been 'sold' to members of Parliament and Congress, thus incentivizing lawmakers to support the effort of selling weapons by creating wars. Nifty set-up!
    They all get rich and people in the third world, which today is everyone except the G7 (in their mind), die and their countries get destroyed. The good part is, war is limited to conventional means, and there is money to be made in rebuilding the infrastructure just destroyed, and of course, financing the whole enchilada!!

  12. This is American politics support dectaturion and let them killing the poor people of Yemen all this evils for control on Yemen's seas and continue stolen gas and oil in Yemen we are In unjust world

  13. Sad so much money is sent from America to perpetuate conflicts in the world. Imagine if that money was sent to Yemen?
    So may lives could be saved but I guess someone feels it more important to arm countries to fight wars rather then use the money to actually help people.

  14. I live in Australia and i thank god for my country! The never seems to amaze me what humans do to each other surely one day we have to realise all this is wrong

  15. Food and crops are purposely being destroyed all over the world. Get ready for a famine that has never been seen and it's all deliberate! Religious zealots will capitalize and say God did it!

  16. Looks like ethnic cleansing again and again never stops. U.S. is out of control, and this will come to the nation of the U.S. in the End and that is the plan, blame never goes to the proper place. Banksters and Politicians! Duh X U.S. Paratrooper

  17. If America keeps on it own projectory of self destruction, Saudi Arabia and Israel are gonna find themselves facing the consequences of their actions.
    Saudi Arabia is doomed by renewables and nepotism and Israel has lost respect from the majority of countries with only 7 countries currently supporting it.

  18. Dictators, totalitarian regimes, extremists and corporate greed will destroy our Beautiful Earth…we have to fight for our rights, every day we have defend our democracy in each country – otherwise there is no hope for the poorest countries to overcome injustice…and climate change…and wars…

  19. Yemen has become poverty, hunger and devastation. Every day more than 200 people die from hunger and siege. The war has destroyed my beloved country. People are dying from the cold. Our homes have been destroyed and collapsed because of the war. Lack of salaries, lack of work. Yemen dies and no one is with us. Thank you very much, content owner, for presenting an episode on the meaning of my country, Yemen, 🇾🇪 and thank you for those who stood with us in supporting Yemen

  20. Make this shiot right. If ingredients is from your shiot hit civilians Know who you sell to and be ready to pay up when your shiot is used to hit them depleted shells wtf

  21. Corporations are behind this in some way it’s always about money and resources these corporations have gotten so big they have so much influence over governments.

  22. I wishes that Yemen has the firepower to blow up the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the UAE..Saudi and UAE wanted to control oil so they can raise the price per barrel…it is purely greed..
    I will stop donating to WFP, they collect donated money but provide garbage aid to poor people.

  23. See how important investigators representing citizens really is. Barristers are highly valued as non partisan legal representatives

  24. 370 THOUSANDS Yemenis killed. ….not enough for the news in the US nor Europe. ONE THOUSAND blonde Ukrainians is a total different thing; Russia shouldn't exist 😉

  25. On August 2nd U.S. President Joe Biden apporoved a $5 Billion dollar arms sale to Saudi Arabia and the UAE… Pretty easy to figure out what those weapons are going to be used for.
    How do these people sleep at night?

  26. every single US politician should be forced to watch this to understand the impact of their policies. war criminals. EVERY single one.

  27. The narrator sounds like the perfect cute corporate A.I.
    DW is weird sometimes and deviates some information anyone can check up

  28. Yes the world looks the other way because a US ally is doing war crimes with US weapons and funding
    If it were Russia or an ally of Russia it would be all over the news.
    Take Syria and Ukraine as examples

  29. I wish this french lawyer visit Mali and the rest of north Africa and see what Friends are doing there, IT is a typical western hypocrisy. It is all motivated by politics. and for sure French goverment are benefiting from the war also.

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