You should be an owner of energy and healthcare stocks, says Joe Terranova

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  1. Don’t listen to these clowns. If you have a long horizon, go buy growth at reasonable prices. Energy is at a multi year high, it’s inherently a bubble too

  2. I think it's just a worry that inflation may take a while to get under control. Realistically with 8.5% inflation long rates should be in the double digits. The reason they're still below 3% is there's still this belief that the inflation is transient. If there are signs inflation is going to hang around longer than the bond market is currently expecting all hell is going to break loose and it's going to vaporize the stock market. Watch inflation indicators very carefully.

  3. Buy the healthy stocks that are diving. Thats the opportunity. They are diving due to fear in the market, not because they are bad companies. When the fear vanishes when the recession fears ease off you will be riding them back to the highs. If you buy anything thats high now.. u will be fkd.

  4. The stock market rally run is over but I don't know if stocks will quickly rebound, continue to pull back or move sideways for a few weeks, or if conditions will rapidly deteriorate.I am under pressure to grow my reserve of 250k.

  5. World war 3: Who Will Support Who? Is the World waiting for Trump to restore peace and tranquility in the 2024 elections?

  6. <Thank you for keeping it real. Love your content, all of it. nice T.a. video, we will go into a recession cuz of the war and supply chains issues, the macro economics are too grrrey and going black.More emphasis should be put into trading since it is way profitable than hodling. Crypto will make more people financially independent than any other asset class in history .. Expect Fadwa Robertson also has been doing an excellent job evaluating all charts, trades on BTC, which has helped my portfolio grow to 12.7 BTC..


  8. As a value investor, I am certainly using this time to double down on high quality, long-term value investments. Once in a blue moon type deal where we get these big blue chips on such steep discounts!

  9. Never go all in on any trade, no matter how much you know it’s gonna go. it will go, but on it’s time frame not yours. Leave some money for dips and trade other plays in meantime. No matter how small or large you’re working with.

  10. Yes so that he can sell those to you at even more high price. They will buy all beaten down stocks in other sectors for pennies.

  11. You should not be an owner of energy. Energy is trading at inflated multiples. Tech has much more attractive valuations on a historical multiple bases.

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